Drop Shot Techniques


By Simon Frost – as written for Izumi Outdoors

One of the most successful techniques to hit the tournament trail over the past couple of years would in my opinion be the drop shot rig.

A very simple technique to rig and even simpler to fish. What this technique consists of is a hook that is tied directly to your line using a polymer knot and instead of cutting the line at the knot you attach a sinker anywhere from 6”below to 2ft below the hook. The space between the hook and the sinker will of course depend on the fish.

saltedbaitWhen choosing your baits for this rig there is two different kinds. Salted (low floatation) and un-salted (High Flotation).

High Flotation – This bait will give the perception of a swimming bait fish with little or no movement of your line. These types of baits are best for calm water using vertical presentations as it is very easy to over work them.

Low Flotation – These baits due to the heavy salt content are best for rougher water. In calm water these baits will just sit against the line.



RodWhen choosing your rod and reel make sure you chose a balanced system. If the pole is front heavy your arm will become fatigued quickly. The pole should have a very sensitive tip with a good back bone because more often than not when the fish pick up the bait it is a very light hit and if the tip is too heavy you will miss many of them.

seaguar-ace-When selecting your line for this rig you need to go as light as possible due to the fact that the line is part of the presentation. The heaviest line I will use is 10lb test but on the average 8lb works the best. The line I have had a lot of success with is with a 100% fluorocarbon line such as the Bass Pro XPS fluorocarbon. This line has the same light refraction as water.

thm_lrg_BW-Egg SinkersWhen selecting your sinker I have found the cylinder type work the best for walking through weeds rocks etc. Also try to keep your sinker weight light as possible. When the fish pick up the bait the less tension the better.

Most people are under the impression that this is strictly a vertical presentation and this is simply not the case. When the moss is up I will use this rig to search a flat or rock pile by casting it out and slowly retrieving it back to the boat with the bait ridding up and out of the moss.

I consider the most important thing to remember is when you detect a hit set the hook. Many people drop the rod tip to allow the fish to take the bait but with this presentation I have found that most of the time the fish will drop the bait instead. A simple up swing of the rod is all that is required to set the hook.


Recommended Tackle

Shimano Stradic 2500 spinning reel

Shimano 7’2″ Crucial Medium Heavy action Dropshot spinning rod

Bass Pro XPS fluorocarbon 8 to 10 lb test line

Drop shot hook (assorted Styles and makes)

Frost Bite drop shot sinkers

Bass Pro XPS drop shot baits


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